Mashpee, MA – I’m a Mashpee kid, and I’ve got a lot of pride for where I’m from.

Goalie’s Woodworking – I come from a family of makers, and while I may be biased in putting up this link, you can’t deny hand carved craftsmanship.

BethAnn Telford – Be inspired, join Team BT and Never, Never, Never Give Up!

Shannon Roddy Photography – NYC/Massachusetts based….but has camera, loves to travel. Hire this photographer. (She snapped that candid banner photo of me walking past a cave during an epic Balkans adventure!)

Royal Hibernian Academy – A artist based and artist orientated institution dedicated to developing, affirming and challenging the public’s appreciation and understanding of traditional and innovative approaches to the visual arts. Every time I step foot inside this gorgeous space just off St. Stephen’s Green in Dublin I am inspired anew.

T.I.A. – Travel to Africa without leaving your workstation

Ladies’ Turn – A piece of my heart was left in West Africa, and this project promoting soccer for women in Senegal is simply awesome.

Team Kilimanjaro – Petrified and thrilled by the idea that you want to climb a mountain? Go with these guys.

The Boston Bruins – Even if one of my favorite Bruins memories is this one. And this one might be a close second. I should probably also mention the Winter Classic.